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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Greetings Citizens!
Who in the world is Dan D Sparks you ask? Why... that would be me! Railroad Barron, Trolley Magnate, Transportation Tycoon, Stock market Mogul, and all around Spiffy Guy!

Currently I have two empires under construction and one in the planning stages. The first is a trolley empire. Though currently it covers only four square city blocks, it is designed to really move the populace quickly and efficiently. And it is easily expandable in any direction on the compass. Exciting expansions are now being developed by my shrewd planning dept.

The second empire is a transcontinental affair. Not only will it connect the East with the West, like that Central Pacific/Union Pacific ordeal, but also the North with the South, further developing and uniting this grand country of ours. No real estate has been procured yet, but engineers are out surveying possible routes, and equipment is being stockpiled so that when the construction begins, it will proceed with earnest!

The third empire exists only on paper as all my time and resources are consumed by the first two projects. Only when they reach fruition will construction begin on the third. But none the less, it will prove to be as exciting as the first two, if not more!

So stay tuned! As I will post the progress of these empires here and hopefully it’ll be a heck of a ride! Yessir, A heck of a ride!


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