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San Diego Electric Railway Colors

The ongoing quest for SDERy color matches.

Page updated as experimenting continues.

My current preference is Tru-Color Paints:

Tru-Color Paint #
Tru-Color Name
Car Body (SDERy “Mission Yellow”).
Reefer Yellow

Car Body (Green and Cream) 1931+
Scalecoat 20602
Scalecoat II
Northern Pacific Light Green
Try TCP-058: Northern Pacific Light Green
Doors and Trim “Mahogany”
Santa Fe Brown

Roof (400s and PCC’s)
Rich Oxide Brown

Roof (Wooden Cars)

Canvas or White
Interior (400’s)
Psger. Car Interior Cream

Interior (Birneys, PCCs)

Light Green
Interior Wooden Cars
Natural Wood

Yes sir! Experimenting continues!


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