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Friday, March 21, 2008

A 4-4-0 eBay score!

I’ve gone far too long without a post ~ sorry!!! I’ve been wrapping up animation for the Space Chimps game for the Nintendo DS. (It hasn’t been announced yet so sshhh!!!)

So here is a little something to hold things over until I put together a more robust post. Since I left off with a post about a steam locomotive, I’ll go with that theme.

This is an eBay score from a year or so ago; An H.O. brass model of the Virginia & Truckee locomotive #1, the “Reno”. An import by United from the 1960s.

I’m not modeling the V&T, but the Reno model is very typical of locomotives built in the 1870’s. . Below is San Diego & Cuyamaca #3 built in 1881 for the California Southern Railroad. Except for the smokestack, they are very similar in size and detail.

This photo was shot near where I grew up, but it doesn’t look anything like it did in the photo! When I was a kid I would watch a couple of SW1500 diesels pull the peddler frieght through here. Today the San Diego trolleys sweep through here on double tracks!

Anyway, slowly but surly (the only way I can afford it!), I’m putting together a right impressive stable of motive power. All I need now is a dang layout to run them on! Yes-sir! A dang layout to run them on!

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