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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birney Project ~ Route Signs

Now that the paint is baked on, the (perishables? burnables? can't stand up to heatables?) can be added to the model. One of those meltables is the acrylic cube that's being used for the route sign on the roof:

Here, SDERy 333 is displaying its "MB" (Mission Beach) route sign.

I started by cutting a Plastruct square acrylic tube to size. The hole in the tube fits perfectly over the brass tube used for the bulb housing explained in a previous post. I tried fabricating a brass housing for the acrilyc square but that was very difficult to get it just right. So I said "screw it!" and simply glued the brass angles to the side, and a square of styrene on top. Done!

The backs of the Route signs are curved, this was quickly achieved with the Dremel tool, and then fine tuned with a file.

To prevent the route sign box from glowing when lit, the top and back is painted black.

Next, mask off the face of the sign and we are ready for more golden yellow paint.

Bam! On there. Now this guy can get its route on. Yessir! Bam!


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  1. Hi, I wanted to "ping" in that progress is looking really good.