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Monday, April 25, 2011

Niles Project ~ Interior Lighting Wiring Schematic

This is going to take a little planing.

Things are getting a little complicated:
  • The decoder can't light 8 interior LEDs because of milliamp limitations. So the LEDs are going to be split between two functions of the decoder. Four LEDs on the purple wire, and four LEDs on the green wire.
  • The LEDs have to be oriented correctly. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs have a positive and negative side to them.
  • The LEDs require resistors.
  • The blue wire of the decoder is the common positive lead to all the interior lights and to both headlights.
  • In attempt to keep things neat and tidy and serviceable, circuit board is being used as a mount for the interior lights, a bus for the headlights, and as a soldering pad for the decoder wires.
So after a lot of trail and error, I drew this schematic to help make things crystal clear:

Okay, so here is where we left off...

This shows the top and bottom of one of the two circuit boards (as it sits in the car). On the top, the copper cladding has been cut vertically to electrically isolate the LEDs so that they can be wired in series. On the bottom, the copper cladding has been cut horizontally. The top strip will be the bus for the blue wire, the bottom strip will be the bus for either the white or yellow headlights wire. The vertical cut provides a soldering pad for either the purple or green wire.

So that's the plan man. Time to put the plan into action. Yes sir! Put this plan to action!


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