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Monday, November 12, 2012

Junction Tower 3D Print from i.materialize

Made adjustments to the dimentions and now the tower is correct for H.O. scale!

Here is how the tower looks straight from the printers. Some cleaning up is required.

This time I had the tower printed at i.materialize. Their "Primer Gray" isn't quite as rough as Shapeways "White Detail". There is still a texture, but ya got to be pretty close to see it. We'll see how noticeable it is after its been painted.

And there is that warping again! Exactly the same as the Shapeways model. I don't know if there is anyway around it. A few readers of this blog suggested printing only the cabin and base and use either a brass or plastic rod for the post. The post scales out to almost an 1/8th inch, so that is a very doable idea.

Okay, I'm off to the workbench to fiddle around with this model some more and we'll see what can be done with it. Yes sir! We'll see what can be done with it!



  1. This repeated warping is strange, never seen before! Ask the support from I.materialise, they helped me several times. As the remaining support materials shows, the item was printed bottom to top, the right way.

    The causes may be:
    1/ Warping occurs after printing during transport due to temperature changes.
    2/ The post is perhaps plain, would be better hollow.

  2. Simple and captivating..your skills inspires me a lot...