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Monday, June 24, 2024

Gassier Lamps

Brawa Historic Street Lamp.

Oh Sure! Now This Model Shows Up!

After committing and installing the gas lamps on 1890's street, this more accurate model shows up on eBay!  Isn't that always the way!

This Brawa model is much closer to the style of the gas lamps San Diego had in the early 20th century:

So I purchased it to see if it would be worth it to swap out my current gas lamps.
Well, it showed up in the mail and one thing became apparent to me right away...

It's HUGE!  The lamp in the vintage photo is about as tall as the streetcar. But this Brawa lamp is about a car and a half tall.  Despite claiming that it's HO scale on the box it might be better suited for O scale.  Hey- I wonder if it comes in N scale?

Yes... yes it does. But it looks to me like all they did was make the HO lamp shorter. The globe is still on the large size.

Well it all doesn't matter anyway, these lamps seem to have been out of production for quite some time now. Brawa doesn't make them anymore.  So I think I'll stick with what I have for now.  Maybe something will come along later. We've seen this sort of thing happen before, maybe it'll happen again?

Yes sir!
Maybe something will come along later!


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  1. "Something will come along later". Yep. Sounds like a Trolley modeler alright.