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Monday, June 21, 2010

Niles Project ~ Interior Paint

I notice that a lot of folks don't take the time to paint the interior of their models. But really, it doesn't take that much extra effort to do.

 The interior of the Niles cars are described as being finished in selected mahogany. For that I used a 50/50 mix of Floquil Southern Freight Car Brown and Roof Brown. After letting that dry for a day, I masked off the windows and the open bottom. Don't forget to mask the clerestory windows too!:

If I was to paint the interior last, the the masking would have be on the outside. Which would mean the side of the window posts would also be the mahogany color. Which in some cases may be desirable. It all depends on what the end result requires.

So in the end, it only cost me an extra day and a half to paint and mask the interior. But if you ask me, I'd say its worth it, yes sir! I'd say its worth it!



  1. I have an old Suydam gas-electric and I'm happy to follow you as you paint these since the construction and finishing is pretty similar step-wise.

  2. Yeah, Suydam models are amazingly similar. Its always so exciting when somebody pulls out one of those familiar yellow boxes. And you always know what to expect from those models. If you have any questions about painting these models that I'm not covering in my regular posts, feel free to ask and I'll tackle the topic the best I know how.