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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Worlds Largest Model Tram Show ~ Bremen, Gemany

Small tram - VERY LARGE

Werner Jurkowski, a very fine tram modeler from Berlin, Germany brought this show to my attention. The Kleine Bahn Ganz Gross (Small Tram Very Large) attracts tram modelers from Austria, Belgium,  the Czech
Republic, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. The show is held annually and this year it was held in the carhouse for the Bremen-Sebaldsbrück tram lines in Bremen Germany (next to the Mercedes-Benz auto plant!). I wanted to share the following video taken at the show with you. The modeling is fantastic!:

The video starts out with shots of the carhouse and prototype tram equipment, but then it gets into the modules. I just love the model of the carhouse, the smooth running tram models running in the streets with tight overhead and clean streets. A clip of Werner's layout starts around the 7:20 mark.

Traction modeling seems like it might be starting to take off here in the USA. I hope we start seeing shows  like this real soon here. Yes sir! I hope we start seeing shows like that here!


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  1. I enjoyed the video. And like you, I have a strong preference for traction modeling. But, I just don't see traction modeling catching on in the good ol' USA. Steam and diesel have always had a very strong and dedicated following. Most model railroaders and railfans alike prefer steam and diesel. I wish it was the other way around. We traction lovers are in the minority.