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Monday, February 21, 2011

Niles Project ~ Cathedral Glass Windows

Simulating the Yellow Stained Glass Windows

Bill Bolton was very kind enough to think of me when he came across the September 1908 issue of Electric Traction Weekly that featured an article on the new Niles cars for San Diego, and sent me a copy. What a timely treasure trove of information that article is with lavish descriptions of the cars inside and out! I knew that the "deck sashes" (clerestory windows) and "upper side sashes" (the arched portion of the center windows) were of stained glass, but I has not a clue to its color. This article reveals them as "Yellow Cathedral Glass". Wonderful! Thanks a million Bill!
After some discussion around the Southern California Traction Club clubhouse, we concluded that colored index tabs would make suitable material. And handy too, we had some extra in the clubs files.

After digging out a yellow tab, I cut it to size and glued it into place with my new glue of choice for this sort of thing: Micro Kristal Klear.

I was going to do the same for the clerestory windows (or "Deck Sashes" as the article describes them as) but it occured to me that Micro Kristal Klear might be perfect for this since the windows are tiny and the material goes in the window rather than behind the window frames like the yellow plastic would.

I "blobbed" on the Micro Kristal Klear over the windows from the inside with a small screwdriver.

The goop filled in the window nicely.

To "stain" the glass yellow, I purchased a bottle of Mr Hobby Clear Yellow Acrylic paint. It comes in a tiny bottle in a variety of colors to tint the taillights and turn signals etc, on auto models.

After the Micro Kristal Klear windows dried, I filled in the window with the clear yellow paint. If the index tabs fade over time, I'll tint them with the clear yellow paint as well.

Oh I wish you could see this in person, the windows glow yellow really nicely. The photograph just doesn't do it justice.
Thanks to good friends around the world, these are turning out to be some very handsome cars. Yes Sir! Very handsome cars!



  1. That looks fabulous Dave! I can hardly wait to see the fully finished car... maybe at the OERM Pacific Electric Weekend? I'm trying to organise my travel this year to get there!



  2. That is Awesome!!!
    Makes me want to start another hobby.

  3. I can't wait either Bill! Hopefully I will have two of the Niles cars there at the PE weekend. I look forward to seeing you there!
    Dave, friends don't let friend model traction. Turn around before its too late!


  4. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!!! I've been pondering this for my AE&c funeral car..... Now to figure out the lead lines in the glass.....

  5. Well if your wanting to do detailed stained glass, you might want to consider drawing it on the computer and then print it out on transparency paper (FedEx stores can do that) and affix that to the car. That would be cool!