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Friday, March 11, 2011

Are You Kidding Me!

Oh Dastardly Fates! How did I miss out on an authentic San Diego Electric Railway Trolley Gong on eBay! Why! WHY!!!

I have been building a Dustcover/Lighting Valence/Display Case for my layout that is also housing and displaying SDERy artifacts. Already I have tickets, tokens, passes, and photos to display in it. A virtual shrine to the old SDERy. Not only that, the design of it (what I now refer to as the "Canopy") is that of an old wooden streetcar. So a bell... an authentic trolley gong... oh that would have been the cherry on top!

For years, I have scoured the internet looking for authentic trolley gongs. The only thing I can find are reproductions of San Fransisco's Cable Car Gripman's Bell selling for $600!

So imagine my surprise when not only a trolley gong comes up for auction on ebay, its an authentic SDERy trolley gong!!! Figure the odds! I mean seriously!

But horrors of horrors, the seller included a very low "buy it now" for $129! So of course a savy investor recognized the incredible deal when he saw it and snatched it up.

I'm sure he will relist the bell on eBay knowing full well his profit will be WELL over %100. But because of my dismal financial situation this last year, I can't afford to enter a bidding war. Lousy timing. Yes sir, very lousy timing.

Oh F-ing Fickle Fates! Why do you taunt me so? Why couldn't I have seen this auction just mere hours sooner. Despite my very tight financial situation I could have swung $130 bucks. Never has or will an opportunity like that come my way again!

This photo is actually upside down. The bell would be mounted under the floor. The motorman would step on a pedal to ring the bell. The shaft from the pedal would go through the tube seen in the above photo and push that plate, which would cause the ringer to rotate and strike the bell.

Here is another angle. The tube on the right. Ringer on the left. Counter weight on the bottom center would lift the ringer again when the motorman lifted his foot off the pedal.

Oh rotten day! I just can't live with myself right now. Having something so wonderful appear before me and then snatched away. Its too much to bear!

I guess I should remember whats important. The gong would have been a helluva nice touch, but its a well crafted layout displaying finely tuned, highly detailed, smooth running models, running their routes and making their stops flawlessly that's important, right? If I can achieve that, nobody would really notice the artifacts would they? It should be the show that the visitor remembers. It should be the show that the visitor takes away with them. Yes sir! Its the Show that is important.

This situation still stinks though!



  1. Stay zen, and don't look too much to the evil bay. Your virtual shrine will be superb!

  2. lol! Thanks Volkmar, stay Zen I will.