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Monday, June 24, 2013

Yous Young Punks Has it Easy!

Building a Grand Junction Intersection is a lot easier these days than it was when I was a kid.

Here are some old construction photos from that hot summer way back in 1984 when I built that intersection:

 Each rail had to be cut and shaped and then spiked into place. Checked with a track gauge. Adjustments made. Checked again. And then tested with a car.

Running rail is Code 83 and the simulated channel rail is Code 70. They were spaced with a straight pin and spiked together with track spikes.

Fortunately, even though this represents some of the very first track I ever hand laid, careful construction and the liberal use of the NMRA track gauge, the trackwork holds up to this day (some 30 freakin' years later!).

But now!:

Building such intricate track work has become a lot easier now with premade castings from such suppliers as Custom Traxx and Proto87.

Andy Reichert was able to piece this special track work rather together quickly using his "Electric Avenue Easy Track System".

Here I spent all those years building something I thought would be very unique, and now any ol' Dandy off the street can build it. Yes sir! Any ol' Dandy can build it!


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