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Monday, December 18, 2023

Jessop's Street Clock ~ Masking

 Preparing the Model for Painting

Masking those round clock faces was a challenge!

But I figured out a reasonable way to achieve it.

This model wasn't designed to be disassembled without possibly damaging it. Otherwise I would have removed the clock faces for the painting of the body. But alas, it's not to be, so I'll have to mask them off. I also masked off the wire leads for the lighting.

The $5 solution was this K&S 7/16 brass tube that matched the size of the clock face frames.  I pressed the tube hard into the painters tape and cutting mat.  Then I carefully X-actoed around the tube.  It took some tries to get it right.

Hmm- not a round as I would like.  I'm in for some touchup painting when the masks are removed.  Getting the masks to laydown over the clock hands proved tricky. But I think I got it. As long as the paint stays off the clock faces I should be alright.

Alright- off to the paint shop. Fingers crossed.

Yes sir!

Fingers crossed.


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