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Monday, December 25, 2023

Jessop's Street Clock ~ Painting

 Painting This Model Just Like Painting Any Other Model.

Testors Paint makes a nice Metallic Copper color. And its small bottles should be about right for a small project like this.

Here are the colors I'm trying to represent:

Copper. With Gold and Black trim.  On the left is the clock looking polished and shiny after being restored and installed at Horton Plaza.  After several years it has patinaed as seen on the right.

The modified Brawa model has been masked and is ready for the paint booth.

Primered.  The Testors "rattle can" primer works just fine for this. I applied two coats within 3 hours of each other and then let it dry for over 24 hours. Testors recommends 48 hours but the weather has been warm and dry so it should be fine.

Coppered. Wow! It looks like a brand new shiny penny. The paint was thinned 15 drops thinner and 20 drops paint for the airbrush. Two coats covered nicely. The second coat was airbrushed on within 3 hours after the first coat as recommended by Testors. 

Unmasked.  The suspense was killing me as to if the masks did their job. With the spraying done, now is the time for the unmasking.

Success!  For the most part the round masks worked. As expected a little touch up paint was required.
After letting the paint dry for the recommended 48 hours it was time for the...

Golded.  This was rather difficult to paint as the gold isn't showing up so well. It's very similar to the copper color. Hopefully another coat or two will help it pop?

Birds turn.  I'm going to try something different with this bird. I'm going to dip him right into the gold paint bottle!  This could go very bad if I drop him in!

The claw pick up tool seems to have a good grip on him- so in he goes!

Golded Eagle.

Blacked.  It took me way too long to notice that the base is also black.  So I masked off the clock and airbrushed the base black.

Gold Bits.  Some of the details are impossible to model so they are represented with a dot of gold paint. This dot of paint comes way closer to the detail than anything I could model.

Painted. And thus completes the painting portion of this project.

Yes sir!


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