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Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's built!

Finally! It's built! Cartoon by my good friends at Project Firefly!

Welp, here it is. Entirely scratch built from brass stock.

Here you can see how I built up the roof end with 3 pieces of brass. Then I took the Dremel tool to it and ground it to the proper shape. One of the smoke jacks fell off. I’ll have to replace that.

The under carriage was fun one to build. The springs are brass spring wire that i wrapped around another wire. The wheels are built up tube stock while the spokes are cut from a single solid piece and then fit into the tires.

All that remains is to fashion some sort of harness apparatus for the horses.

So now it's off to the paint shop for a colorful eye catching paint scheme. Yessir! Colorful eye catching paint scheme!