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Monday, January 13, 2014

Things Are Happening!

And Now A Word From The Director Of Development Of The Dan D. Sparks Plywood Development & Transportation Co., Arnie Clever:

Drought! San Diego precipitation has been terribly lacking. Making this the third consecutive dry winter for California. And is anybody worried? No! The whole office is out... frolicking at the beach or whatever it is they're doing! In January by-golly! But it hasn't been all "Fun in the Sun", things are happening! Some of us are working! Some of us have to keep the torch burning! Some of us are.... doing stuff! Plans are being implemented! Projects are pushing forward! Progress is... well... progressing! So Mr. Sparks requested that I present to you a glimpse of some of the works we are working on so that you'll know were not sitting on our laurels around here! Oops! Sorry! Is that a bad word? "Laurels"? Oh dear! I've said it again... Regardless! Here are some of the projects you can look forward to seeing in the upcoming months:


You know... what with plain plywood being divided up with streets, trolley tracks and paved sidewalks and then further subdivided with building lots, well, its created a sort of a real-estate bonanza around here! So I drew up some plans for a tract office so that these lots could be sold. I think this is how Sparky... I mean, Mr. Sparks, makes his fortune. Selling real-estate.


The thing that makes model railroading so appealing is that its scale models running through scale environments. Well, we've got the scale models running, now we just need the scale environment by-golly! So I've been busy drawing up plans for just that. Cityscape!


A brightly lit city is a beautiful thing. I've been designing a streetlamp that doubles as a trolley line pole that will actually light up! I don't think its ever been done before in model railroading, so this will be a first! I hope it works by-golly!

Expanding Horrizons!

Train Shows seem to becoming extinct! If we are ever going to build a module for the Southern California Traction Club to display at these shows well, its gotta be now! Before its too late by-golly! So what did I do? I designed two!


Don't be surprised if we get a visit from that mysterious Fred Gurzeler again! Not that I can plan something like that. Its just that he might show up at anytime! When you least expect it! Do something great, and then disappear into the night! By-golly, how great would it be to be handsome and slick like that Fred Gurzeler. Oh if I could be like that guy, by-golly I'd...

Yes well. That's it for my presentation. In conclusion, we have exciting projects in the works here that you'll see realized right before your very eyes! Though I suppose you might witness some of these projects crash and burn hehe! Oh dear, I hope not. That would be dreadful. Oh that would be downright disastrous! I don't think my nerves could take it. Maybe I'll take a trolley trip down to the beach, that will help calm my nerves. Can't be running around with fraid nerves by-golly!

Arnie Clever
Director of Development
Dan D. Sparks Plywood Development & Transportation Co.
San Diego, California. USA