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Monday, May 05, 2014

It's De-Bubbly

The second casting utilizing EasyCast resin came out bubble free!

Since EasyCast casting resin takes forever to set, I took the time to remove every bubble before sandwiching the mold together.

And it worked! Not a bubble to be found anywhere.

Some resin dripped onto the end of the brass tube and solidified. I tried snapping it off, but its on there good and strong! I've been wondering how strongly the resin was holding on to the armature inside. Especially since it pops out of the rubber mold so easily. I guess that that mold release works really well because that resin has a hella grip on that brass! So I'm going to have to mill that resin drop off.

Next is trimming the flashing off the castings and then send them to the paint shop for painting. Finally some usable castings. Yes sir! Some usable castings!