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Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 Years of Bloggety Blah Blah Blog

 "6 years! The prototype San Diego Electric Railway was built in less time for crying out loud! Yes sir! The prototype was built in less time!"
 Dan D. Sparks' annual rant.

 Dan D. Sparks
President. Yes sir! President!

And thus brings to a close a dismal "fiscal" year (Sept. 2011 to Sept. 2012) of modeling for this blog. But today marks the beginning of a very bright year ahead. So lets see where we stand so we can accurately gauge how far we go in this coming year. And now, without further ado:

The Dan D. Sparks Plywood Development and Transportation Co.
Annual State of the Company, Board of Directors Meeting 
22nd September 2012
8:00 AM San Dollar, California.

 Board Members:
President:                         A very unhappy Dan D. Sparks
Chairman:                        A very nervous Lettuceleaf M. Malone
Traffic Manager:              A smug Robin DeRail
Finance Manager:            A jubilant Count DeMonet
Director of Development: A crafty Arnie Clever
General Manager:            David Lyman
Quorum present?              More or less.

Others Present:
Man of Mystery:                Fred Gurzeler
Company Band leader:     Bill Bolton & Orchestra

Absent:                              No Show Joe

· Meeting called to order at 8:09 a.m. by Chair, Lettuceleaf M. Malone
· Last year's meeting minutes were read and regarded with nostalgia.

Lettuceleaf M. Malone

Opening Message from the Chairman:
Life is a balance between Family, Occupation, and Hobby. Most of the time, these are out of balance. One usually requires presidence over the others. This past year was no exception. "Occupation" was the focus this past year. Without it, the other two suffer. And with it, the other two can benefit greatly.
"Hobby" is about to benefit greatly from this years employment. So hang on... because here we go!

Robin DeRail
Traffic Manager

 · Traffic Managers Report Provided by Chair, Robin DeRail:

 ~ Last year we were enjoying a nice upswing in viewership. This year, despite half the blog entries being posted (19 posts, down from a record 28 posts last year), we managed to hang on, with a some gain, to that viewership.

~ This blog hosted 3,064 visitors this last year (Sept. 2011 to Sept. 2012) visiting 5,484 times. That's up from 1,939 visitors visiting 3,379 times the previous year, for a grand total of 16,668 visitors.

~  This blog is now averaging 15 visitors per day viewing for almost a whole 2 minutes (1:52)! That's a gain of 50% from the revised figure of 10 visitors per day viewing for a minute and a half (1:34) last year.

~ The top 3 posts visited this last year were:
     1. My Old San Diego Trolley Layout
     2. Birney #301
     3. Painting Brass Models

Count DeMonet
Minister of Finance

· Finance Committee report provided by Chair, Count DeMonet:

~ The Count happily reported that revenue from this blog (from ads) has more than doubled and is now averaging over $0.04 per day, up from a $0.02 daily average last year. 

~ DeMonet went on to report that the annual earnings for this last fiscal year are estimated at $16.07. That's an increase of over 100% from last years earnings of $7.34! Bringing the grand total to $39.48.

~ The finance chair went on to suggest that product placement may help the bottom line. When pressed further, he offered an example; "The finer photos in this blog were photographed with the affordable Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm IS II Lens. Should anyone buy that camera by clicking on our link, we receive a referral fee!".
This was met with great skepticism by the board.
  Arnie Clever
Director of Development
· Board Development Committee's report provided by Chair, Arnie Clever:

~ Mr. Clever reported that though things have cooled off modeling wise, planning has continued in earnest. "Oh the projects that are planned!" he went on. "This company has plans coming out of the wazoo! Why, this company has more plans than could possibly be implemented in a single lifetime! Oh-boy do we have plans!" he explained. "Plans, plans, plans! You want it? I've planed it!".

~ The development chair, on the verge of collapse from the lengthy revelation of all his plans, explained that during these robust times the company has managed to stockpile a sizable amount of modeling materials and may actually see some of these plans through to fruition!  The board blinked at each other in silent amazement.

And on that note, Mr. Sparks offered: "Well then... lets get to it. Yes sir! Lets get to it!

Mr. Bolton stuck up the band with a rousing rendition of "Happy Days Are Here Again".


· Meeting adjourned at 11:59 p.m.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mrs. Roundbottom.

Now let's get to it! Yes sir! Let's get to it!