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Monday, January 05, 2015

A Brighter Year Ahead

Layout Illumination!

Getting enough light on the layout has been somewhat of a problem (shuffling a clamp-on lamp between the workbench and the layout). So this should help.

You know... I try. Despite my best efforts, I don't think this is up to code. I'm not a certified electrician, so in effort to illuminate this layout safely I simply copied how the vanity lighting in my bathroom was wired. Same wire gauge, same bulb wattage. Same splicing. Same everything, except, my valances are wooden as opposed to the metal vanity lighting housing. So apparently I have violated the "Splices outside of a Junction Box" rule. As well as others I'm sure. I have some exposed wires that need to be tucked into a conduit as well as install some cable clamps.

So, some more work remains to be done.

Other than that though, I'm feeling quite accomplished. I make light where there were none before! And its all looking like a rather authentic streetcar interior.

The lights are controlled with this dimmer switch in the same shiny brass as the conductors bell. The control panel will eventually be build below here, so everything will be within reach.

This scene is shot with just the canopy lights illuminating the scene. Looks like an overcast day. San Diego spends half its time in overcast days anyway so, we're good.

Yes sir! We're good!