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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Please Stand By!

For the first time in this blogs 5 year run, weeks have gone by without a post! Whats up with that!      Well... "Good News Everyone"!...

I'm sure you have noticed in life that generally, when there is enough money, there isn't enough time. And when there is enough time, there isn't any money! Last year my situation was the latter. Next year my situation will be the latter. But this year...

A career in Animation is very "feast and famine". The work is good when you can get it. And when you've got it, you got to work your ass off to keep it, or not be invited back next season. Right now I'm gainfully employed on Futurama.(Watch Wednesday nights at 10, 9 Central, on Comedy Central to support my cause. Good ratings will mean another season. Another season means I might work again. Working again means financing this expensive hobby! (Crossing fingers and toes!) Thanks!). But they own my ass until the end of the production season, sometime this September for me. Yes sir! They own my "shiny metal ass"!

So in the meantime, I'm stockpiling kits and modeling materials like crazy. And then starting this October, I intend on making some significant progress on the trolleys, the layout, build a couple modules for the club, and other fun projects yet to be unveiled! And maybe even, dare I say, weekly blog posts? Oh my! So stay tuned and see what the future holds. Yes sir! See what the Futurama holds!