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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Model Railcast Show

A Model Railroad Focused Podcast

Packed full of interesting and useful information, I have been listing to The Model Railcast Show podcast for over a year now. I think its here to stay.

The price can't be beat ('tis free), and is published about weekly. And its perfect to have on in the background while working on the railroad (or in my case, while working at work).
The show is hosted by a fun cast of characters, Ryan is an absolute noob, but he is learning fast. And Tim Harrison seems to be a little more advanced. Their guests are all heavy hitters in the model railroad industry, from manufacturers like Duncan McRee of Tam Valley Depot, industry professionals such as former MR Staff writter Marty McGuirk, to basement empire builders like Don Ball and Craig Bisgeier. And the best part is, all these guys are available on the discussion forums on the Model Podcast website for further comment, any clarifications and whatnot.

It doesn't matter what your experience with model railroading is. The podcast is "for railroading beginners and seasoned line veterans" alike.

So give it a listen. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. No sir! You won't be disappointed!