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Monday, October 23, 2006


The Grand Poobah of model railroading, John Allen, built a 4 x 6 H.O. layout that eventually became the centerpiece of a basement empire. I have designed this layout so it too could be incorporated into a large layout. Problem is, I haven’t decided on the era as of yet. So I hit upon the idea that each street could represent a different decade. Then when the empire is designed, this little layout could be modified where needed to fit in.
In the meantime, It will be kind of fun to have each street a different era, showcasing the style and architecture of that decade. With 6 streets, the entire reign of the trolley can be represented (1890s to the 1940s) and the trolleys acting like little time machines, entering different decades with each corner they turn, you know, like a Hollywood backlot. Yessir, A Hollywood backlot!

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