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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tour the Southern California Traction Club

The SCTC displayed it's HO trolley modules setup at the NMRA L.A. Division meet at the South Coast Botanical Garden in Palos Verdes CA a couple weeks ago. This is my first show with the club. I pretty much spent the entire time video taping the layout in action, amassing about an hours worth of video. I was able to distill that video down to about 8 minutes for your viewing pleasure:

The Southern California Traction Club modules feature spectacular cityscapes, fully detailed scenes, long mainline running, multiple trolleys operating from live overhead, and a whole lot more. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Yes sir! Enjoy the ride!



  1. Nicely done video... pity the cars never stopped for passengers though!



  2. Very nice piece of work, both layout and video! I especially loved the red cars. And by the way, what are the tunes at 2:58 and 6:25? The last one sounds like Count Basie to me.

  3. Hey thanks guys!
    The music in the video are:

    1. Rhapsody in Blue, By George Gershwin 1924

    2 Unknown

    3. Honky Tonk Train Blues" Meade Lux Lewis 1927. Performed by
    AlexL83 2007

    4. Someone stole Gabriel's horn, Ned Washington / Edgar Hayes / Irving Mills 1932.
    Performed by Royal Society Jazz Orch. 1990

    5. Tuxedo Junction, Erskine Hawkins,Bill Johnson, 193?. Performed by the Glen Miller Orch. 2005

    6. Basie Boogies with the Big Band (_'40s)

    7. Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller Orchestra 1941

    8. Unknown


  4. That video is truly amazing. I hope someday I can build a Pacific Electric Railway (or even a CNS&M Railroad) layout like that.