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Monday, January 25, 2010

Birney Project ~ Going DCC

Taking the plunge into the world of Digital Command Control!

Having been a model railroader my whole life, its about time I made the switch from DC to DCC. Since my layout was designed for automatic operation, it was built with DC block control. But features with DCC have convinced me that this is the way to go. So starting with this Birney project, I'm making the switch.

For the Birney I've decided to use the M1 decoder from TCS (Train Control Systems). The M1 decoder is designed for N scale but fully capable of running H.O.

Programs are available now that allow you to run your layout from your laptop. One of these programs coupled with this decoder and I can have the automated layout as originally conceived.

How about that! For once I can have my cake and eat it to. Yes sir! I can have my cake and eat it too!


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