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Monday, February 25, 2013

Diablo Unchained

Mounting a Motor to the Diablo Power Truck couldn't be any easier!

With the Diablo Power Truck built and installed, I added a small drop of Labelle #108 oil to all the moving parts (except the belt- You want friction there!). Now I'm ready to install the motor.

Hollywood Foundry's instructions for this are very clear and concise.  So don't do as I do, do as they say!

 The drive shaft of the power truck is a bit on the long side for this car. I want the motor to be reasonably centered so that the car is well balanced to aid in reliable operation. So a little trimming is in order:

A cutting disk equipped Dremel tool made quick work of trimming the drive shaft to size.

- and now the motor is well centered and ready to be mounted.

 In an attempt to get the cars in my fleet all running at similar speeds, I ordered a motor that was around the same size as those used in the Niles cars. Which is a little on the small size apparently*. So I had to add a few layers of double sided tape the get the motor up to the right height for the drive shafts to line up.
*Some people insist that its best to use the largest motor that could be fit ( I don't want to name any names but, his name starts with a "F" and ends with a "-red Gurzeler"). So that's something to consider.

 I was able to get the two shafts to line up pretty darn well. Which is good! You know, all in the name of reliable operation.

 A nice length of Silicon Tubing is included in the power truck kit. A little longer that what I could fit. So a work order was placed with the maintenance dept to trim it to size.

The silicon tube was worked onto the pulley shaft and then the motor shaft. Then the motor was pressed firmly into place. And that's all there is to it! No screws, no drilling, no nothing! The tape is more than sufficient to secure the motor in place. It couldn't be any easier to mount a motor than this. Yes sir! Couldn't be and easier!



  1. This is awesome!!!!! I have the same car, albeit In Illinois Terminal guise, this may be in its future..... Gotta love the 3m outdoor mounting tape.... You can suspend a barbell with enough of that stuff

  2. Yes! That 3M tape is something else! Its strong enough to hold the motor forever and yet it can be removed if need be. Good stuff.