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Monday, February 10, 2014

Box of Negative Space

Constructing a Simple Mold Box for a Two Part Rubber Mold.

This box will contain the liquid rubber while its poured around the streetlamp model.

The box is simply constructed with hobby board from a home improvement store.

The hobby board is cut so that the streetlamp model will have at least a 1/2" space around all sides of it.

The lamp is going to be cast with a brass armature inside of it as a conduit for wiring for the lights and to support trolley overhead span wires. The brass tube also extends down through the layout benchwork. So I had to drill a hole in the mold box to accommodate the exposed brass rod.

 This is going to be a two-part mold. Resin will be poured in both halves of the mold,then the brass armature will be placed right into the liquid resin. Then the two halves will be sandwiched together. That's the crazy plan anyway! We'll see if it works.

The two halves of the mold box are screwed tightly together. And there we have it. We're ready for the big silicone rubber pour. Yes sir! We are ready for the big pour!


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