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Monday, November 02, 2015

Well Whatdaya Know ~ All Rubber Are Not Alike

Quality Rubber - That's The  Secret Ingredient For A Successful Mold.

      What with the Backesto Bits already to go, its time to make a mold of them all. But when I went to go fetch the left over rubber compound from the Streetlamp Project, I found it has a short shelf life and had hardened.

Anxious to move forward with this project, I stopped by the craft store to pick up some of their casting rubber~ Amazing Mold Rubber. And after some time and effort, well... I found it ain't so amazing. I'm sure its fine for most crafts, but not for precision casting. In a nutshell, it shrinks!

Recycling the box from the streetlamp project, it turned out to be just the right size for this project.

There it is! In all its pink glory. Or so I thought.

The shelf life of the resin is much better. It cast just fine and faithfully with no shrinkage. But when I compared the castings with the originals, there was about 10% shrinkage with the "Amazing" rubber.

So, I'll pay the small extra for the much better quality of the Oomoo rubber compound. Lesson learned.
Yes sir! Lesson learned!


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