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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Estimating the Size of the Fleet

Just How Many Cars Are Required To Populate This Layout Anyway?

Considering the time and expense that goes into completing just one single car, I would like to focus on building a basic fleet.

Suydam Niles, Pacific Traction 400, WP PCC, 3rd Ave Car, Ken Kidder Birney

The Maths:

The layout is designed for automated operation. Given that there are 4 city blocks each divided into 8 detection blocks, this makes for a total 32 detection blocks (the main intersection is the 33rd block and is undetected- once a car is cleared to enter the intersection it does not stop.).

I estimate that for maximum traffic and yet smooth operation* only half the 32 blocks should be occupied by a car. That way generally each car has an empty block ahead of it. 

So a car on every other detected block makes for 16 cars.

The Answer:

16 cars:  motored, poled, painted, decaled, decodered, and detailed, to make for a maximum traffic operating session (though it might be fun to add that 17th car to see what happens with congestion ;) ).

Yes Sir! It might be fun!


* Theoretically, the layout could "run" a maximum of 31 cars, but only one car would be moving at any given time. Basically it would be moving that one empty block around the layout.

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