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Thursday, April 01, 2021

My Old San Diego Trolley Layout - Part 2

 Happy Fools Day Everyone! Let Us Celebrate this Day With Some More Legerdemain!

This is Part Faux of one of the most popular posts ever on this blog:  My Old San Diego Trolley Layout Part One.

So here are some more pictures of my old, too good to be true layout when I lived on Neverwas Street years ago:

4Pulling in to the Transit Center.  Boy I went through a lot of red paint! Sorry about the crooked photo, its a little tilt shifted. Okay- its a lot tilt shifted!

The "layout" at a glance. Basically a double cross uh- double track loop with some sidings and a small yard with a car house. The numbered arrows correspond with the location of these photographs - more or less.

5. Yards and Car House. A lot of these models are 3d prints from Volkmar Meiers Shapeways shop. Isn't that right Volkmar?

6. Rounding Seaport Village station curve. Why I didn't just paint Seaport Village instead of this parking garage I'll never know. I'm a stickler for realism I guess! I don't know why I painted it right on the wall either!

7. Crossing Broadway past the Power House. Left turn at the bathroom and closet. And beyond credibility.

8. And as the last car zips along private right-of-way and disappears around the bend, we are reminded of this quote by Christian Nestell Bovee:

"No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities".

Happy April Fools Day everyone!

Yes Sir! Happy Fools!


  1. Love it, including the very realistic Coronado Bridge in the distance!
    And think of the efficiencies you discovered: Typically we go from prototype to model to photographs, but you've found a way to leave out the middle step. Although the background on #7 must have taken some extra work.

    1. #7 did indeed required some extra work. But this does seem like it would be a fun, plausible layout. I should try this with the LA Metro.

  2. Hi Dan, this is incredible and truly inspiring! This motivates me to worker even harder to complete my Rtd west rail corridor line. Thank you for taking the time to create this post and share more pictures of your old layout.

    1. Well I'm glad I've inspired you, but I sincerely hope I didn't set any unrealistic standards. Start out simple and upgrade as you go. Denver looks like a good one to model (I had to Goog RTD) I look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers!