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Monday, December 04, 2023

Jessop's Street Clock

Modeling San Diego's Historic 1907 Street Clock

by Modifying a Brawa Station Clock

Well here is a project from out of the blue.  A chance listing on eBay caught my imagination and might prove to be a good project to get things rolling again with this blog and layout.

Okay? So lets roll!

Jessop's Clock is a large outdoor pendulum clock originally located on 5th Street in San Diego.  It was commissioned in 1905 by one of the city's noted jewelers, Joseph Jessop.

In 1984 it was moved to the new Horton Plaza Shopping Center where it stood until 2012 when it was dismantled and put into storage.  

The clock is scheduled to be restored and reassembled for it's permanent installation in the San Diego History Center in the Casa de Balboa building in Balboa Park for the exhibits opening in 2028. 

Neat ol' clock.  It never occurred to me to model it, until... of these Brawa "Standard Clock for the Station Forecourt" (Normaluhr für Bahnhofsvorplatz) popped up for sale.  It sure does have a family resemblance to the Jessop's clock!  Since the price couldn't be beat (especially since they seems to be out of production now) I purchased it.

While trying to determine if this model could be disassembled for painting I discovered that it is made of brass. Or at least the post is. With some plastic parts. The base is all that I was able to remove. So painting will be tricky.

I don't know what kind of bird this is (maybe a Quail?), but I got to find something similar in H.O. scale to make this work.

So I ordered Preiser HO Scale # 10169 - Birds (Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows and Birds of prey).  I would think one of these would work!

It's a good looking clock. And if I can pull off the transformation it should be a handsome addition to the streets of the layout. 

Yes sir!  A handsome addition!


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