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Electrolier Combination Line Pole and Streetlamp

The Line Pole Polka   Where the Electroliers fit in to all this.

Box of Negative Space   Constructing a Simple Box in Which to Pour the Rubber Mold

Bubba, Don't Forget your Rubba    Pouring the Two Part Rubber Mold Compound

Armature Nite   Building the Brass Internal Framework

Moment of Truth   Pouring the Resin

Light Cast    There's Got to be an Easier Way

Easy Cast    Casting with Clear Resin This Time

It's De-Bubbly  Bubble Free Casting With Clear Resin

Casting Fail   Ya Can't Win Them All!

Leaky Light   Overcoming Light Leaking from the Paint Job

By the Light of the Silvery Lamp    Painting the Lamps

Oh Nos! The Rubber Broke!    Apparently Rubber Molds have a Shelf Life.

Good Oldie Moldie  A New, Better, Stronger Rubber Mold

Boulevard of Electric Dreams  Finally! All 12 Electroliers installed and wired.

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