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The Southern California Traction Club

The Southern California Traction Club is a group based in Los Angeles that sets up and operates an HO scale modular layout featuring model electric streetcars, interurbans, and subways at train shows in the Southern California area. The layout features live overhead wires that feed power to the trolleys with DC or DCC control.

The towering, highly detailed cityscape is a favorite with the visitors.

But of course the clubs greatest assets are its people. Some of the more active members include:

John McWhirter
Superintendent: Suburban Quarter

 George Jones
Superintendent: Industrial Quarter

Pete DeBeers
Superintendent: Country Quarter

For more information on the Southern California Traction Club and the next scheduled appearance of the layout, visit the SCTC website.
I hope to see you at the next show. Yes sir! See you at the next show!



  1. The Southern California Traction Club is the best I've ever seen on traction modeling. There's just nothing like it. I've seen the video, and it is so inspiring and fun to watch. It's refreshing to see a model railroad club that exist exclusively for traction modeling. The model railroad hobby tend to always be geared towards steam and diesel model railroading and I hate that. Steam & diesel model railroading get all the attention. We traction modelers are in the minority. So, it's great to see that a model railroad club like the Southern California Traction Club exist.

    Hooray for the SCTC!!! I hope the SCTC is getting a lot of membership support and will expand beyond what it is now. I wish the same for other traction model railroad clubs, too.

    I wish we had a traction model railroad club like the SCTC in New York City.

  2. Hey Everett!

    If you don't mind the 2 hour drive, there is another great traction club, one on your side of the continent: The East Penn Traction Club:


  3. Thanks for the info, Dandy Dan!

    I checked out their website, and while they're indeed a great traction club, I don't think they are as elaborate as the SCTC. But, as I've always known, it is never good to judge a book by it's cover. The only negative here is the East Penn Traction Club is indeed out of my way. But, despite the long distance between us, I do intend to get there, somehow.

    Once again, thanks,

    Everett the traction guy.