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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inaugural Run of Birney #301.

SDERy Birney #301 makes it first public run!

The Southern California Traction Club set up its modules at the Great Train Expo this last weekend at the Fairplex in Pomona. I took the opportunity to fine tune #301 and was able to get it to run perfectly on the modules. It ran trouble free for hours. And of course I took plenty of video to share with you!:

The BullAnt motor is kind of noisy in this video but really its not that bad. To be fair, Hollywood Foundry who manufactures the BullAnt offered to replace it with their new and improved belt driven extra quiet BullAnt drive, an offer I hope that isn't too late for me to take them up on!

Because Birneys are a rather diminutive car, the Miniature By Eric trolley poles proved to be not quite long enough to reach the overhead. So one was swapped out with a rebuilt Bowser pole. In the video you can see how the new pole really presses against the overhead for good electrical contact. I'll post in the near future how to rebuild trolley poles.

So after all this time, it was quite satisfying to finally see this little guy make laps around the layout. Yes sir! Quite satisfying indeed!



  1. That is great!!! Love the editing too.

  2. Looks fantastic, Dan D.

    The work you put in on the paint & details really stands out.

    P.S. And in the usual way of our hobby, now that you did all this work, Bachmann has a new HO Birney coming out.

  3. Thank you for the kind words guys. I got to test out one of the Bachmann Birneys. They are very nicely done. They make building a fleet of Birneys much more doable than having to convert the old Ken Kidders.